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Products and materials
Cutting edge tools for Small to Medium enterprises to manage emergencies or crises.

Diagnostic crisis checklist

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We provide a cost-effective set of tools that can make crisis-ready small and medium enterprises and institutions. These packages offer simple, cutting edge response kits that are easy-to-use. These tools give one, two or three-person crisis teams action checklist templates for doing things right.

Our materials are designed to support our full spectrum of training and can be used in all phases of crisis preparedness, crisis planning, crisis response and recovery.

  • Training Manuals
    comprehensive resources for crisis day and planning for crisis response.
  • Training Packages
    preparedness information for your whole staff.
  • Resource & Tools
    an easy way to store and have at the ready exactly what you need in a time of crisis.
  • Manuals (CD Rom)
    • Crisis Event Resource Manual (simple action plan)
    • Emergency Interface Manual
    • Crisis Training Manual
    • Media Handling Manual
    • Staff Advice Manual
    • Victim Grief, Bereavement and Counselling Guide
  • Crisis Management Book
    • Crisis Control Preventing and Managing Corporate Crises
  • Resources
    • Crisis Case
    • Portable Action Kit
    • Logging Action Sheets
    • Duty Card Checklists Kit